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Scoop up Vannilla Bean and flower enjoy the fresh blend of nutty,sugary Vanilla that sail around your senses.Her lavender fragrance will leave you in awe but its her vibrant green sativa that truely takes the cake.Add Vanilla bean in a bowl and smoke on the delicious flavor while  while the balance of combined effects travel through the body to clear stress and nuesea and help with the battle against insomnia

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Buy Vanilla Bean Strain Online

Buy Vanilla Bean Strain Online. Vanilla Bean is an indica-dominant hybrid that is well-received for its unique vanilla-like aroma. This craft cannabis strain is the resultant of the cross between two indica-dominant strains, Kashmir and Afghani. With an indica dominant lineage, Vanilla bean promises a good body buzz that will put you to sleep.


The THC content of Vanilla Bean has been as high as 30% in some batches. However, most batches average around a respectable 20% THC content. Vanilla Bean is also known to contain 1% CBD content which induces a calming effect to counteract the heavy THC content. This strain gives a strong body high with moderate cerebral effects. When the user first takes a toke, euphoria will set in and make you feel uplifted and filled with happiness. Users will then feel a burst of energy that puts them in a state of bliss and pleasantries. But do not get too comfortable, your body will start to feel buzzy as the sedative effects of the indica-dominant genetics take over. Full relaxation of the body will set in and the eyes will start to feel heavy.  We recommend this strain as an evening smoke as the heavy sedation effects will leave you couch-locked and lazy. However, that is only if you can fight off the urge of intense sleepiness. Buy Vanilla Bean Strain Online

We also highly recommend this strain for medical marijuana users as it contains high THC content with a touch of CBD. Many users will find this strain useful for treating conditions such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Insomnia
  3. Pain
  4. Depression
  5. Lack of Appetite

Users will experience side effects such as dry mouth and eyes but dizziness or headaches may be involved for inexperienced smokers.

Vanilla Bean Strain sale online

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

Vanilla Bean Strain sale online. The nugs of Vanilla Bean usually have a minty green tint to them as well as dark orange-red hairs that give it a unique look. The nuggets will often be medium-sized and quite soft to the touch. There is also a bright frosty layer of trichomes that give this strain its vanilla-esque appearance that matches its name and aroma. The aroma and taste of this strain are quite complex. Not only is there hints of vanilla; it also has a creamy, nutty, and earthy scent to it. Many users describe the taste like a “spicy-vanilla.”

Overall, this craft strain is loved for its unique vanilla aroma and its heavy sedating effects. Users who are looking for an extremely relaxing strain with a subtle cerebral high will definitely enjoy Vanilla Bean. Buy Vanilla Bean Strain Online


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